Rules of Conduct

  1. Confidentiality first, what is said here stays here


  1. Share feelings and experiences, not advice


  1. Accept each other without making judgments


  1. Listen to each other, everyone gets to share


  1. Avoid interrupting, be patient, everyone has a turn


  1. You are safe here


  1. Be honest


  1. Bring a positive attitude


  1. Be on time


  1. Have respect and be sensitive to others


  1. Support and encourage one another


  1. Refrain from using offensive language


  1. Turn off cell phones


  1. Please pick up after yourselves


Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the building or grounds at any time

Absolutely no smoking in this building anytime

Absolutely no gun’s knives or weapons of any kind allowed in the building during meetings

No children under the age of 18 during meetings